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Racism is a Public Health Crisis in this Country: Fairfield is no Exception.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

On Monday, 4/11/22 The Representative Town Meeting (RTM) will meet to discuss if racism is a public health crisis in Fairfield, CT. They will then vote on 4/25/22 to make this declaration official or they will officially sweep it under the rug. We have 40 RTM members and 3 BOS (Board of Selectmen), that's 43 elected officials we voted for to ensure representation for ALL of us. This level of micromanaging we must do as it pertains to racism and educating elected officials on racism is exhausting. As town leaders these decisions should be obvious and unanimous. We the people must continue to hold elected leaders accountable and ensure they do what is right for ALL residents.

Here are the 20 towns in Fairfield, CT who have already made this declaration

Here are the names of the counties across the country who have already made this declaration

Here is CT attempting to advance the bill declaring racism a public health crisis

Declaring racism a public health issue should not be a debate given the endless acts of racism and lack of representation by people of color in Fairfield, CT. This is not to say we are bad people. This only means we are dealing with the same issues that every town, city, county, and state in this country are dealing with. Our only failure would be to not admit out shortcomings and then continue to do nothing about them. Of the 90 opportunities for Women Of Color to hold positions of leadership in this town there are the numbers: CT Government = 0/50 unfulfilled opportunities

  • Of the 2 US Senators = 0

  • Of the 1 Governor = 0

  • Of the 1 State Senator = 0

  • Of the 3 State Representatives = 0

  • Of the 3 Board of Selectmen = 0

  • Of the 40 RTM Representatives = 0

Fairfield, CT Public Schools = 0/28 unfulfilled opportunities

  • Of the 9 Board of Education = 0

  • Of the 1 Superintendent = 0

  • Of the 16 Fairfield Public School Principals = 0

  • Of the 2 PTA & PTAC Presidents = 0

Police Department = 0/4 unfulfilled opportunities

  • Of the 1 Chief of Police = 0

  • Of the 1 Deputy Chief of Police = 0

  • Of the 2 Captains = 0

Fire Department = 0/8 unfulfilled opportunities

  • 8 Command Staff = 0

Who to Contact:

To make your voice heard email all 40 RTM reps with one click & make sure to CC the Board of Selectmen at

More information about the meetings can be found online OR ask your RTM rep directly when the meeting is, where the agenda can be found and what time. They are here to serve YOU. Know Your Reps

Representative Town Meeting (RTM)

Below are examples of 3 open letters written by residents encouraging our RTM to declare racism a national public health crisis. Please make sure to send your email in today or before tomorrow (Monday 4/11) by 3pm. The meeting will take place ON 4/11/22 so the sooner you can send your email the better

Download PDF • 98KB

Download PDF • 94KB

(Highlighted yellow are two edits I made from the original email to this one)

Download PDF • 111KB